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Friday, September 3, 2010


Good Morning!  Well we've down here a month already..time flies when you are having fun and living back with your family all in the same state.  It has been a "different" month, to say the least.  Adjustments to be made, in more ways than one.  But we are managing.  Poison Ivy, Doggie "Accidents", Storms, VERY hot temps...

Living in an RV, even one that is 30' long, with your husband and 2 dogs can, at times, be a tad stressful but I think the fun out-weighs the stress any ol' day.  Although I am doubting that this morning after having been up most of the night with our oldest dog, Booger.  At 10:30 last night she went out and did her nightly "doggie duty" and then at around 2am she started whining and could not get up in the bed so I came out and laid on the couch bed with her. Then...3:30 am I found myself walking around outside with her and my little guy Jack..they both did their "doggie duty".  I think Jack did his duty because we were, well outside, and that's what you do.  So back inside we came and then at around 4:30am I found myself cleaning up Booger Doggie Poopy..  Not sure what she ate but it did not like her.  So we are all just a tad stressed and tired today, but hey the dogs aren't..go figure.

I have lived my entire life, up until 16 years ago, without ever getting poison ivy My first encounter with the wonderful plant was up in Michigan in our yard.  I never ever got it while we lived down here in Oklahoma so I remember the good laugh we all got, at my expense, when I got it in Michigan.  However, I sure managed to find that darn plant again down here within 2 weeks of arriving in Oklahoma.  Not sure where "we" met..it could have been out back here when I was walking the dogs or maybe at one of the many property's I've been walking around with our realtor.  Of course I was not dressed properly, flip flops and shorts, HEY it was over 100 degrees that week I was a tad warm.  Needless to say that made for an interesting week and a half.  Just getting down here and having "alone" time with the hubby and wham I've got  creeping, itchy, yucky spots on my legs.  Yeah baby the sex appeal was out the door and running down the street.  I am still wondering why I didn't look like "POISON IVY" from the Batman comics...hmmmm

At least we managed to miss the tornado season!  We've had a few big thunder-storms roll thru but no twisters.  Chris got to experience those this past spring...I had enough of those when we lived here.  Guess I better get prepared for next spring!  But a good strong storm can be fun in the RV..like one night it was blowing so hard it rocked me to sleep, literally!  Or the other time the soft patter of rain drops on the roof lulled me off to dream land..I LOVE sleeping when there is a nice soft rain.  The dogs on the other hand..they don't seem to enjoy the natural wonder of a good rain storm.  Jack has found his hiding place under the swivel chair and Booger will shake and push up against whomever is around.  If it is bed time Jack will be under the covers and up against me, I think he is trying to crawl inside of me!  Booger she lays right up next to as close your face as she can get OR she lays on your legs.  So if a "twister" did come I'd be safe and sound with all the protection they give me!

All in all it has been fun, even with all the "issues".  I do look forward to finding our new home but for the meantime we are making the best of it!  And I am always looking for my new friend..the Poison Ivy Plant..and not too be mean I am avoiding it at all costs!

Have a great day!!

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