"Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Friday, September 3, 2010


Good Morning!  Well we've down here a month already..time flies when you are having fun and living back with your family all in the same state.  It has been a "different" month, to say the least.  Adjustments to be made, in more ways than one.  But we are managing.  Poison Ivy, Doggie "Accidents", Storms, VERY hot temps...

Living in an RV, even one that is 30' long, with your husband and 2 dogs can, at times, be a tad stressful but I think the fun out-weighs the stress any ol' day.  Although I am doubting that this morning after having been up most of the night with our oldest dog, Booger.  At 10:30 last night she went out and did her nightly "doggie duty" and then at around 2am she started whining and could not get up in the bed so I came out and laid on the couch bed with her. Then...3:30 am I found myself walking around outside with her and my little guy Jack..they both did their "doggie duty".  I think Jack did his duty because we were, well outside, and that's what you do.  So back inside we came and then at around 4:30am I found myself cleaning up Booger Doggie Poopy..  Not sure what she ate but it did not like her.  So we are all just a tad stressed and tired today, but hey the dogs aren't..go figure.

I have lived my entire life, up until 16 years ago, without ever getting poison ivy My first encounter with the wonderful plant was up in Michigan in our yard.  I never ever got it while we lived down here in Oklahoma so I remember the good laugh we all got, at my expense, when I got it in Michigan.  However, I sure managed to find that darn plant again down here within 2 weeks of arriving in Oklahoma.  Not sure where "we" met..it could have been out back here when I was walking the dogs or maybe at one of the many property's I've been walking around with our realtor.  Of course I was not dressed properly, flip flops and shorts, HEY it was over 100 degrees that week I was a tad warm.  Needless to say that made for an interesting week and a half.  Just getting down here and having "alone" time with the hubby and wham I've got  creeping, itchy, yucky spots on my legs.  Yeah baby the sex appeal was out the door and running down the street.  I am still wondering why I didn't look like "POISON IVY" from the Batman comics...hmmmm

At least we managed to miss the tornado season!  We've had a few big thunder-storms roll thru but no twisters.  Chris got to experience those this past spring...I had enough of those when we lived here.  Guess I better get prepared for next spring!  But a good strong storm can be fun in the RV..like one night it was blowing so hard it rocked me to sleep, literally!  Or the other time the soft patter of rain drops on the roof lulled me off to dream land..I LOVE sleeping when there is a nice soft rain.  The dogs on the other hand..they don't seem to enjoy the natural wonder of a good rain storm.  Jack has found his hiding place under the swivel chair and Booger will shake and push up against whomever is around.  If it is bed time Jack will be under the covers and up against me, I think he is trying to crawl inside of me!  Booger she lays right up next to as close your face as she can get OR she lays on your legs.  So if a "twister" did come I'd be safe and sound with all the protection they give me!

All in all it has been fun, even with all the "issues".  I do look forward to finding our new home but for the meantime we are making the best of it!  And I am always looking for my new friend..the Poison Ivy Plant..and not too be mean I am avoiding it at all costs!

Have a great day!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

WOW I've been busy!!

Yes once again I have not kept up on my blog.  Shame on me!!  But I have a really good excuse; I've been busy.  Yes really I have been busy.   I've been working in the office w/my hubby, I've been watching movies at night w/my hubby, I've been enjoying the wonderful Oklahoma weather..yep you guessed it w/my hubby AND my daughters.  And, last but not least, I've been looking at homes and property trying to find us a place to live.

No luck yet...but like Chris and I said; "when we walk on the property we will just now this is it".  Although we've found more that we REALLY like that would work out perfect for our needs BUT....we can't get a mortgage since our home did not sell in Michigan.  We have to find a lease/option OR an owner carry.  When we first started looking down here no one did either but I've noticed that a lot of the homes I saw for sale at the first of year have dropped their prices AND the owners are considering lease/options or owner carry.

Looks like Oklahoma may be, finally, starting to feel what other states have been feeling for the past several years.  A decline in home sales. Although, if that is true, it is not really that bad down here.  There is a diverse industry down here from cattle to cars...so Oklahoma has not been touched by the "depression" that bad, which is a good thing.  But like any trend, it has to make it way thru each and every state, the slow housing trend is creeping it's way into the state.  That is a great thing for us, the home buyer.

Chris and I are just praying and know God has a plan for us.  We are going to see a "good ol' guy" at a local bank down here that gives loans.  A friend told us about him and said to stop in and have a chat with him and see what he can do...he really loves to help people out.  So we shall see.

The office is going good...I know Chris is feeling so much better having his whole family down here and I like being able to work with him and take the load of everything off of him so he can concentrate on what HE needs to be doing; building the business!

So today I've taken the morning "off".  Just put 2 loads in the dryer here at the RV park and am making myself a late breakfast.  Cassie will be here soon, after she gets done feeding and riding her horses, to pick me up and we will head into the office.

Life is good..it really is.  Is it easy, nope it sure isn't, but I am not going to complain.  Having a good time enjoying myself and my family.  Being in the RV is a good thing.  Makes you learn to appreciate life so much more.

Have a happy day everyone!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

RV Living..Close & Comfy

So 2 weeks of RV living life while we try to find a place to live.  Most people would probably be ready to be DONE..but I'm not.  Yes the quarters are tight, even though it is 30' long, but you learn to adjust.  

I do have to confess; I browsed RV's on line the other day.  Gotta say I am a HUGE fan of those with the slide-outs.  It would sure save us having to step over, around, behind and in-front of the dogs.  But than what would we do for fun?

Seriously I love our RV, it has truly been a "life saver" for us.  But saying that I know my husband would really like to be living in a home.  His "home", for the past 11 months, has been the RV.   30' does tend to get a tad boring after all that time.  I know he'd love to stretch out in his big comfy recliner, take a shower w/o out worrying if the hot water will run, sit at a real dining room table and all that.  But I have to give him HUGE kudos' what a guy..he has done this ALL for us, his family. 

I know of many men that would have washed their hands of our employement situation a long time ago.  Would have refused to live in an RV for longer than month and given up and gone back home to TRY and find work.  But not Chris! 

So here we are, together finally, living in the RV all close and comfy.